What Makes A Good Thing Or Bad Thing? Essay

1230 Words Apr 13th, 2015 null Page
Helping out someone or some organization in their time of need can be mutually rewarding but it can also have its drawbacks. Sometimes it can create a level of dependency that wasn’t expected. Being a crutch for people to lean on may not compel them to do for themselves, especially if they know they always have someone to fall back on in their time of need. I usually never had a problem helping out my family, friends and even charities but there comes a time where you step back and wonder if what you are doing is a good thing or a bad thing. It is real easy to get taken advantage of if you don’t keep your guard up and look at things from a neutral perspective. Let’s look at family first. I have personally helped my son out of many predicaments. He has created most of them himself but there has been a few that were totally out of his control. Now, by bailing him out, I have set a standard that he has gotten used to over the years. I am not saying that he has taken advantage of my good nature but maybe that I let myself be blinded by the fact that he is my son and I don’t want him to suffer in life. As a father, I feel compelled to not let him suffer anymore than necessary but am I really helping him out the way I should. Growing up, I didn’t get bailed out of every situation that I got myself into, yet I managed to be okay. Everytime I stepped in and saved his butt, he knew that he could pretty much screw up without any real…

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