National Honor Society Analysis

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To get the chance to be accepted into such a genuine group as the National Honor Society is very much a privilege and a goal of mine. This exceptional organization would provide me with limitless opportunities to help out in my community, my school, and many nonprofit organizations. I want to grow as a student, helper, and person, in general, and I feel that being accepted into such a society will encourage me to do so. Over the years, I have demonstrated the many qualities that are needed in the areas of scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Therefore, since I show these traits, I will be a great contributor to the National Honor Society.
As a candidate for the National Honor Society, my scholarship skills are well accomplished
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I believe that having a good attitude is one of my best qualities when it comes to communicating with others. When there is a conflict, there is always a solution. However, to get to it, you must have a positive attitude to deal with the situation, which shows great character skills. Throughout my lifetime, I have learned that your attitude and your character, in general, shapes what people think of you, and how they may react to you in the future. This led me to believe that my attitude may be contagious, and it can alter what other people are feeling. If I always have a positive perspective, others may become more encouraging towards those around them. After a practice, whether it be a sports practice, game, or a musical performance, I have kept a good attitude and this helps all of my teammates and myself to work as hard as we can. Treating everyone equally is another immense part of my disposition. People have their own great qualities, and I feel that if we celebrate those differences, it bring us all closer together. Having such a positive outlook on life and those around me is such a great characteristic trait that I possess, which is something that I believe is a great skill to have to get into the National Honor …show more content…
Doing things like baking for my elderly neighbors, or helping them out with any odd jobs they need done may help brighten their day, and, in turn, it makes my day better, knowing that I have helped someone. I am part of the Church of God Women’s Ministries at my local church, and we help those in our community whom are in need of items such as clothing and food. I hope to continue and increase my participation in this group as I grow up. This past year, I was part of the Angels Among Us group at my school, along with others in my grade, in which we would help to provide children in need with clothing items. Volunteering and participating in groups that assist others in need is something that I wish to continue, and I believe that it helps me to become a better person. I plan to continue to help and provide aid to those in need when I go into the medical field in the future. My acts of service to those around me is a great achievement in which I believe should be a quality of someone in the National Honor

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