What Makes A Good Life? Essay

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The Good Life

The good life—Many people think they know what it is, until they are in their dying moments and realize that they didn’t truly live one. The thing is, this situation can be almost entirely mitigated if one truly sets out and discovers what a good life means to them. For me, there are three components to the good life: the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, the utilization of love to your advantage, and a quality relationship with nature. These three distinct factors can bring enjoyment to many different facets of life. Underneath it all, what makes life good is that it can be anything you want. The first component to a good life is to understand the question “How should I be”. Since we are all different, the ideal way to answer this question is to progressively realize a worthy ideal. Progressively realizing a worthy ideal is effective because it entails setting goals and chipping away at them each and every day. A worthy ideal also entails doing activities and work that you find meaningful in pursuit of your ultimate goal. If this concept is successfully adopted and utilized, it will encompass every part of your life; everything you do will have meaning and purpose. Additionally, in the process of progressively realizing a worthy ideal, you will better understand how to live your life the way you want to due to your enhanced sense of direction. It has been proven over time that having a sense of direction is a valuable way to achieve what you…

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