What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

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Human history has been shaped by the rise and fall of different leaders throughout the course of time. Both strength and cowardice, charisma and introversion, from these leaders has left an indelible mark on society, which begs the question, what constitutes a good leader? Throughout the ages, opinions on the value of different leaders have varied. While the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, emphasized positive moral change, Niccolo Machiavelli prioritized notoriety in a leader. The value of a leader is subject to change under different contexts. A children’s soccer coach employing the methods of Napoleon Bonaparte to strengthen the team would not be exulted as Napoleon was. When analyzing the different leaders presented in the Iliad, one must comprehend the context in which their various skills would be most useful. In the 21st century, where democratic leadership is most prevalent, Odysseus would be the most successful leader from the Iliad. Odysseus’ eloquence and discipline are analogous to characteristics which compose a successful political leader in modern democratic society. “A more democratic world- and one with the legal institutions that go hand in hand with democracy- is a more rhetorical one” (Leith 18). Throughout the Iliad, Odysseus demonstrates his rhetorical aptitude. Despite being clearly shown as a master manipulator; his credibility never falters. In Book 2, when trying to foment a fighting spirit among the Greeks, he recounts the prophecy of Kalchas,…

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