Odysseus: A Hero

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What makes a hero? To different people, in different times and cultures, a hero is defined in many different ways. To me, a hero is a man who consistently shows strength in many honorable traits, and does so to a superhuman degree. Someone who overcomes obstacles, while maintaining the remarkable character they are known for. Odysseus is a hero, because he is extremely brave, intelligent and powerful.
Odysseus displayed leadership throughout our whole journey. Not only is he the next heir of Ithaca, giving him the power of the land, he is also the commander of his ship, deciding the future of us everyday. He was willing to stay awake for days for the good of our men. At The Lotus-Eaters, he ordered the men, “All hands aboard;/ come clear the
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In Troy, he helped us win, never giving up for ten years. When he and some of his squad were trapped in the cyclops's cave, he stayed calm and got them out. In his words, " straight/forward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed it/deep in his crater eye," (Homer 1056). In the Land of the Dead, he never showed any fear, even when he drank the blood and saw the family and friends he has lost. Odysseus went to save us in the Island of Circe, knowing he could be turned into a pig. Without the superhuman courage displayed at almost every stop of our journey, we never would have made it through even our first stop. Odysseus demonstrated the power of education and intelligence throughout our voyage. In the war, his idea of the Trojan Horse won us the fight. In the cyclops's cave, his cleverness saved lives. He told Polyphemus “My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends,/everyone calls me Nohbdy,” (Homer 1056). He blinded the cyclops and escaped under the bellies of his rams. Without his intellect, they would have died in his captivity. Some may say that he is not a hero, because he consistently demonstrates selfishness and arrogance, but every good hero has flaws. It is part of what makes a hero human, prospering in spite of faults. Odysseus’ ability to exhibit authority, valor and intellect while facing obstacle after obstacle is what makes him a hero. We overcame so much for so long, and all because we were

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