What Makes A Good Human? Essay example

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The book reveals that when you have faith in something and you exercising the faith anything can be possible. Having faith is a unique feeling that not everyone has experienced. There are many ways to be connected to God and one is to embrace our differences that we have with our human beings. As we get spiritually engaging with God and with our self being, we change the way we act and think about our actions and admit our sins. Making our beliefs to be the most sacred is the best way for us to get closer to God. The best way to endure our beliefs is to keep practicing ourselves be an example or a model for our children’s because if we practice to be a good human being it will be the best way to teach our children’s to be humane. They will learn through our behaviors, most of the human beings want their kids to be a good human, but if you don’t set as a model they won’t become one, first you have to start with yourself and then expect from your kids to do it. This process takes time, is like planting a seed in the heart of the children’s and we have to give it time to grow. Cesar Chavez mentions that he inherit the love from his parents and his grandmother and how they enforce his beliefs in God. He also mentions that their parents show him to help others, he should share what he has, even if he will be leaving with nothing because is the right thing to do. His mother would tell him that “you always have to help the needy, and god will help you” (Chavez 26). This is a good…

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