What Makes A Good Health Care? Essay

1220 Words Nov 17th, 2016 5 Pages
By providing high quality of health care, the employees are motivated. It is a positive reinforcement. Giving outcome, good health care, helps employees to perform well. Moreover, distributive justice and informative justice also relate. All employees can get nutrition plans and free wellness exams. They are treated equally, so all of them have high motivation. Also, they understand self-insure health plan and how it works. Knowing structure of health care decreases employees’ uneasiness and they can focus on their working. Then, they perform well. Diamond Pet Foods uses motivating techniques effectively.
By decreasing worries about health care and money, the employees are motivated. It is also a positive reinforcement. Giving good health care and paying tuition which many employees really care about increase their motivation for good performing. The company encourages employees to take chances for organizational behavior modification (OB MOD) by paying tuition. They can get high skills to work efficiently and to go next step, so their motivation might be increased. Distributive justice works, because these opportunities are provided equally. The company needs electricians who have a specific skill. There would not be so many people who have such a skill, but the company brings and maintains employees by using motivating techniques.
The employees have already performed well, so I think they have high expectancy. To motivate them, establishing specific goal, especially…

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