What Makes A Brand Personality? Essay examples

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Google has created a connection, through bringing the idea of human connection and reunification to life by a carefully constructed brand story. The scene set in India, shows how desire can overcome obstacles with the help of Google. Google encouraged consumers to share it, and created a #hashtag to generate buzz and encourage consumers to talk about it. Well-done Google.
Create Your Story
A mission statement has been identified and your target customer base defined. A brand must have a persona, personality and attitude. Some questions will help you build that brand personality:
• Think of your brand as a person- how would it relate to the consumer?
• What is your brand NOT?
• What are some of the Points of Parity and Points of differences between your brand and the next?
• How do you want consumers to think about the brand and feel about it after exposure to it?
Speak truthfully - Communicate a clear message. Honesty and transparency are important in brand storytelling. Yes, you’re crafting “stories,” but they need to be imbedded in the reality of the brand, products, and industry. (Forbes, 2015) This will help to steer clear from confusing your audience.
Infuse personalities and create likable characters -Communicate your message from characters that your audience will like, will root for and want to listen to. Use current employees’ perspectives or a third-person attitude.
Build anticipation - Leave the consumers with a desire to want to know more.…

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