Essay about What Job Can Be A Radiographer

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What job would you want to do? I want to be a radiographer because you have a good salary while providing a better life for my son. A radiographer is an important part of the diagnostic health care team, responsible for producing high-quality medical images that assist medical specialists and doctors in diagnosing or monitoring patient 's injury or illness. Being a radiographer is a good career choice for me because it has a good salary and benefits, there are different types of radiography, work with different machines, cons for radiographers, and radiology plays a vital role in healthcare.
The "starting salary for radiographers is 36,000 to 40,000 a year in North Carolina" as stated by Kristen Miller, Wilkes Community College instructor. This is a competitive salary in North Carolina and with the requirements to become a radiographer involving only two years of study this is a degree that can be obtained in a relatively short timeframe. Along with a good salary, there is the opportunity to work in a diverse range of specialist areas, e.g. computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging , etc. Using cutting edge technology and engaging in ongoing training, radiographers are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Radiographers are in high demand both nationally and internationally all of which are great benefits. Overall radiology results in a financially rewarding career. With flexible working arrangements full-time, part-time and locum work is available. Also,…

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