Personal Narrative: More Than Meets The Eye

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Jocelynn Carrion
More Than Meets The Eye

The world is such a fast moving place; sometimes you could know someone for years but still not truly understand them. I came to terms with this when I sat down and interviewed my best friend of 6 years, Brianne Belgrave-Sealy. New college student studying at Elms College in Massachusetts. She’s a twin, only 4’11 but the brightest personality I’ve seen. For these 6 years of friendship I was sure I knew absolutely everything about Brianna. Sitting down with her, and asking her the question some tend to avoid or just never came up got me to realize my best was something much more. She changes everyone she meets, for the better; including me. During our weekend together, I realized how much of a role
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Family is incredibly important for Brianna so I knew she would love this. Brianna moved to America in the 6th grade from Barbados so home is very far from her. "Can you recall for me your earliest memory from back home?" She smiled and went back to her cheer full self. "My earliest memory is probably of when my auntie Linda used to take Britt (her twin) and I to her house where we would dress up and she would take us on walks. We had to be about 3 or 4". Life growing up on a island is incredibly different then in American. I could just tell by how Brianna acts and the stories she tells. She has certain traits you can only find from an island girl. I asked if she wished she could of finalized high school back home, with her family. However she just said that the school system over there isn 't enough for college in America. She knew she had to sacrifice seeing family for a better future. But she still goes home every summer and it feels like nothing has changed. I could really feel how talking about family brings Brianna back to a time in her mind. She spaced out and was constantly smiling. She looked as if she was watching a movie of it all in her mind. I asked if she wanted a family in the future, "of course! I want twins just like my sister and I! Two sets and I 'll be happy" I asked her to recall her best memory as a child. "I 've felt proud when I 've been cheerleading or beat my time in swimming or accomplish things like grades and my mom was there always to hug me and tell me how proud she was". She was completely in smiles now, just thinking about her family and all of her proudest moments are what makes Brianna the happiest. She says that without family and her friends who she considers family, she would be happy. She says everything needs a good foundation and I found that in my friends and family and I 'm very grateful for that" Family is so important to Brianna and I

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