What Is Your Belief About Ultimate Reality? Essay

1315 Words Jun 11th, 2016 null Page
What is your belief about ultimate reality? My belief about ultimate reality is that God exists and he created humankind. I believe there is one God that we all pray to him regardless of religion. I do not believe that you have to follow religions to worship God. I have a relationship with God even though my religion is unclear because of my beliefs. What is your belief about the nature of the universe? My belief about the nature of the universe is that the universe was created by the Bing Bang Theory. I believe in naturalism, where the universe came out of nothing; bringing time and matter into existence billions of years ago. I believe the universe conceived as a close system and exited before God. I think that the universe was born without divine intervention such as gods, superheroes, spirits nor miracles, it happened scientifically. What is your belief about human nature and the afterlife? My belief about human nature is that God created us to have a purpose in life, yet some people do not take the advantage. I believe God created the good and the bad to challenge us by choosing which path we want to take. I believe we are born good people, and as people distance themselves from God; they choose to make bad decisions that can destroy them or even kill them. Also, I believe when a person dies that there is life after death; which I do not believe people go to heaven or hell. I believe in reincarnation because I consider their souls never leave Earth.…

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