Parenting Styles And Socioemotional Development

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The association between parenting styles and how it affects a child’s socioemotional development. A parent has one of the most significant impacts on a child’s progression throughout their early childhood. Depending on how parents intend to raise their children may have a long lasting impact. Socioemotional development is defined as a development of personality through the process of experiencing and resolving situations. Children express and experience emotions before they fully understand what they are. This allows children to learn to comprehend and express what they are feeling. There are four different types of parenting styles that can have a dramatic effect on a child’s development. The first being authoritarian parenting. These parents …show more content…
It also expresses the importance of engaging in activities, as well as the different types of play a child may be involved in, such as dramatic play, which immerse children in games involving life and learning. While, structured play can help children learn how to accomplish certain tasks. Both helps increase their understanding of the world, as well as develop their social skills. The application includes the advantage playing has on less verbal children, which helps them to express their views, experiences, and frustrations through play. Overall, it is endorsing parents to play more with their child, since it is a wonderful opportunity to engage fully with their children. The effects in regard to my application is that it helps evoke more parents to actively participate more in their child’s lives. Parents are expected to become an important influence on the emotional, cognitive and social development of children (Razza, Martin & Brooks- Gunn, 2011). This study proves how a parent’s positive influence impacts a child in overcoming their negative behavior, and the results show that mothers who were more nurturing helped decrease their child’s misbehavior. Family forms an important context for children’s socioemotional development (Hart, Newell & Olsen, 2003). This study investigated the association between parenting styles and social withdrawal in children. The results concluded that children who experienced less maternal affection reacted negatively, therefore parenting styles has an effect on a child’s demeanor. My overall application lacked in a few important areas. I could have added a community event. For example, an event at a local park to encourage playing amongst children, parents, friends and families, in order to promote active playing in a positive social

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