What Is The Innermost Essence Of ' Materialization ' And Dematerialization '

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41. What is the Innermost Essence of ‘MATERIALIZATION’ & ‘DEMATERIALIZATION’?
• An average Terrestrial Man was puzzling and at the same time fascinated by phenomena of Materialization or Manifestation which is Appearance or Creation of (Living) Matter from an unknown source, and even more with ‘Teleportation’. The last is Dematerialization and Re-materialization which is a ‘transfer’ of Matter or Living Body from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ without traversing Physical space between them. Per example, the case of Christ Resurrection after Crucifixion and consequent death is still the hot topic among both the laymen and ‘the experts’ as well. Needless to mention, the gross majority of ‘Materializations’ Terrestrial Man were exposed to were fraudulent, and some real once were either unnoticed or beyond their comprehension skills.
•Regarding Christ, so called “‘the Secondary Resurrection’, the still imperfect form of Materialization, has in reality become a central point of the Christian view of the world and has placed ‘the great Primary Resurrection’ in the shade.” Why tackle this question? Christian Dogma is veracious that there is only ONE LIFE, but cardinally - catastrophically - INCORRECT not supplementing the crucial word ‘ETERNAL’. By DENYING REINCARNATION, they deny themselves the right for an explanation of apparently unjust Fates not only people are subjected, but animals too, and the fact that not two Living Beings in the Universe are ‘Core’ Identical –i.e. especially…

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