Essay On Religious Pluralism

In my life so far I’ve been exposed to various religions. My encounters have granted me the privilege to learn and understand each religion independently. What puzzled me the most was coming across a religion that wasn’t identified as a “religion” by a believer. In this chapter of Religion Pluralism, I wish to challenge those who are Christians to first take a step back and reanalyze the definition of religion. In order to obtain a more concise and understanding of religions and their values, I believe that redefining religion in itself would be necessary. This will allow for in-depth knowledge that one can eventually then may proceed to discuss religion pluralism.
Western society is known to group things that seem “alike” in categories. From the type of people and their race to types of religions. It is crucial for organizational purposes however the definition of religion can also be seen this way, but can cause more confusion than necessary. For one, I know my mother has told me that it believing in Shamanism involved normal daily activity that they didn’t have books or readings on how to do it, instead they learned it through socialization. In the Hmong culture, Shamanism is heavily practiced. It celebrates the well-being of a person, to births, the descendant of the dead,
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While we are on this topic, the chapter talks about “religious end”. It is important to recognize the “religious end” of a religion because not every religion’s goal is to achieve salvation and that makes it unique. I agree with Heim’s proposal that “Other religions have quite different views of the end or fulfillment of life” (pg. 332) because it opens up dialogue to view the aspects and values that one religion prefers over the other. But we should try to define the differences and find a compromisation of

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