Reflective Essay: A Short Story Of A Great Writer

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"This sucks!" That is what I would have said a couple of years ago and even further back. Writing has become important and interesting to me in the last couple of years. When I was younger, I would write every now and then of stories, but when it came to writing an assignment, I never wanted to do it. From when I was young to now, I still have not written as much as I would want to have. I still have problems trying to get all of my thoughts on paper. I tend to struggle to complete my own works, due to my lack of focus, but when it came to school all I needed to do was research in order to write what I felt was a decent paper. I learned through the years that everything is setting me up to be a great writer and some day I hope to publish a …show more content…
This was because of all the stories I told and how descriptive I was. Especially my third grade, Mrs. Fisher, which encouraged me to write as much as I wanted. She said it would help me become a great writer and it made my papers more interesting. I wrote a great deal while I was in school. Sometimes I would even miss recess to just write on my assignment. The downfall is that frequently that imagination would cause my papers to be dramatically longer or much of the time, even late for the date, but some of my teachers did not mind, except one. Her name was Mrs. …show more content…
I enjoy the fact that I can escape into another world. Writing stories for me is creating my own world and if I do not like it, I can go back and change it. I can put anything any way I want to. Plus it has aided me in developing my own writing skills and has made me realize what kind of writer I am. Also it has given me a different way of comprehending writing in general. Writing improves my way of thinking and gives me a way to express myself, especially through poetry and fiction. I found out that I can express myself because of all the writing in my free time. Also it gave me a purpose of what to do. Writing will help and influence my future as a writer and also create a skill some people lack. Some skills I think I have developed would be focus, communication, reading skills, vocabulary, and self expression.
Like everyone else, I want to be know for something and that something I would like to be my writing. I wouldn 't call myself an author; at least not yet. I believe if you can speech, you can also write and become a great writer if you wanted to. I still have much more to learn and be taught. Struggles will happen, but that 's what makes me stronger every day. I still have more years of writing to come and to learn new ways. Even after school, I will learn more through others stories, poems, articles, and other things that could inspire me to write. Everyday 's a new trial with writing for me. I want

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