Personal Narrative: My Love Of Writing

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While writing is painful, agonizing, and time-consuming work it is all worth it once the words pull together to create a story. I had only realized the joys of writing in my senior year of high school. It was only after hundreds of intellectually stimulating conversations with books. Conversations that took me into lands of imagination; eventually sending me off to write stories and essays of my own that led me to appreciate literature as a whole. The love of literature is a slow nourishing bond that will only grow with time. The times that I have spent with literature will be cherished as I look on much more to come. The foundation for my interest in reading is personal thanks to J.K. Rowling for her series of Harry Potter books. I was engulfed into the world of imagination and it helped prosper my yearning for reading. With every word that she wrote, I was transported into a world of magic. I was engulfed in the story line and felt as …show more content…
Overall I was given a new perspective on life experiences. Live life consciously. Reading and writing fell hand in hand, and I finally yearned to create my own stories. I was never one to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and fall in love with my own thoughts. Before my close interaction with books, I believed that writing held nothing but strict writing structure and grammar rules that should never be broken. This however slightly true was not the absolute truth when it came to writing. Yes, grammar and structure are important but it is also important to have a style for your writing. You should cherish your writing and spend time writing and rewriting a piece until you feel it is up to good standard. Writing should never be rushed nor forced. As I read more about the authors from Harry Potter and Cats Cradle, I learned about their struggles as writers as well. The only way I could ever truly love writing was to read more as well as write

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