What Is The Importance Of Science Essay

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Are IPads Appropriate For Teaching in the Sciences in High School? Science offers students an explanation of complex systems from the human body to the brain, from our environment to air flows. This knowledge can then be used to aid in understanding new concepts and pursue new interests. Some think that science makes our lives better and provides solutions to the many problems that exist in today’s world. Science teaches us to think critically, and to ask the how, why, and who we are questions. Science evokes a curiosity in us, bringing out our creative process, promoting a “do” rather than merely “reading about” approach to learning. Science is inquiry-based learning and hands on learning that allows students to explore and understand, whether it is on the microscopic level or the great vastness of the world. Science is important because it is truth, and being science literate is not just an advantage, but a necessity. We can’t escape the importance of understanding science in today’s world because it is at the core of our essence. …show more content…
This event launched what would eventually connect friends, families, and the educational communities around the world. Computers were becoming a common household item, making its way into homes globally, which eventually lead the way for Apple to develop the first hand held tablet called the iPad for the classroom in 2008 (Ritchie, R. 2013). Applications for the iPad increased dramatically in the years to follow, as more and more students and schools began to purchase the iPad for educational use. Now with many schools and school districts purchasing the iPad for use in the classroom, there are more applications that reach every subject and every

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