What Is The Importance Of Research Essay

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Why did you choose this topic?
I chose this topic because I myself was interested in participating The Duke of Edinburgh and wanted to learn more about the kinds of activities I can undertake. I also wanted to find out more about how I can organise The Duke of Edinburgh around my personal life so that it doesn 't impinge on more important aspects in my life.
How did you refine your topic?
I had a hard time at the start when I was trying to choose a topic as I had no idea what I was really wanted to study for Research Project. At first I struggled to understand the processes of Research Project and by not knowing how to begin the initial processes and establishing research, made it difficult for me to begin my main research and halted my initial
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I started by writing down each component of the award and what was needed to complete them. I divided my research into 4 subtopics which were: Skill, Physical Recreation, Service and Adventurous Journey. By choosing subtopics I was able to focus on each component and research how they aid in an individuals wellbeing. After choosing my subtopics and writing some dot points about what I wanted to research, I turned to the State Library of South Australia for my research. I began by researching the benefits of each subtopic.When I researched the benefits of volunteering, the databases I looked into had no books or physical articles, so I researched into the eResources page of the library online and there were over 600 articles to do with volunteering. As I went through these articles, some didn 't have relevance to my topic due to some being based around other countries and most of it these articles didn 't have any relevance to my topic. I was unable to have any primary research since my topic is from a personal opinion that is backed by reliant research so parts of my project was my personal opinion and judgement on the components. The State Library was the most useful database as it had such a wide range of resources. I enabled me to gain access to more in depth research and it assisted me in gaining background knowledge that I was then able to establish more information about …show more content…
Articles about volunteering, and fitness training are the main subtopics where mental illness has been documented. There is also a reoccurring theme of relationships and physical health as well. Most of the components that I have chosen for my subtopics have a degree of physical activity in them and some research that I have done has stated that undergoing physical activities aids mental health. I did know most the research that I found but not the extent that I

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