Analysis: Under The Influence By Scott Russell Sanders

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Finding Compassion
Mental disorders impair normal psychological functioning. Well known mental disorders include depression, alcoholism, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and panic disorders. Hundreds of support groups are available to help individuals who suffer from mental illness, but others suffer as well. They may not suffer directly from mental illness, but caregivers, family, and friends also exhibit effects of mental illness including guilt and exhaustion.
In the essay “Under The Influence” by Scott Russell Sanders, Sanders watches his father struggle with alcoholism. Although Sanders is not an alcoholic, nor does he exhibit symptoms of alcoholism, he does suffer in many other ways. As a child, Sanders struggled with
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Although I personally did not suffer from these mental health issues, I did suffer in other ways as a result of these experiences. Just as Sanders learned from his father’s alcoholism, having close relationships with friends who struggled with mental illness, like depression and anxiety, taught me a lot. I learned how to reach out for help, step away from technology, and set limits with people. I also learned how to be more caring and compassionate towards those who may be …show more content…
When my friend put a life-threatening message on social media, I realized how serious her depression was. I could not imagine what would have happened if I had not seen it. Since I was constantly dealing with late night texts and calls that kept me awake every night, for I was petrified of missing a life-threatening message, my parents suggested that I tell everyone that I no longer had access to my phone after 10 pm. Nervous that friends might need me during the night, my parents agreed that I could give them their contact information for emergencies. Telling my friends about the new limitations regarding access to my phone allowed me to be confident that if they were desperate, they would have someone to call. As a result, my friends began to confide in their own parents, and thankfully, eventually sought the help they needed. By knowing that my friends’ lives were not in my hands every night, I was assured in their new ability to reach out on their own. I learned that in setting limits for myself, I empowered them to reach out to their own families. In addition, I finally slept through the

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