Amber Pasztor Case Study

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Amber Pasztor, a 29 year old female from Fort Wayne, Indiana, kidnapped her 7 year old daughter and her 6 year old son from her parents, who had custodial rights, home on September 26, 2016. Once Pasztor obtained knowledge about the Amber Alert for her children, she then murdered the two kids. This isn’t the only offense that Pasztor has committed. She was charged with a plethora of cases involving criminal trespassing and invasion of privacy.
Pasztor’s mental state has been questioned because of her reasoning on why she murdered the children. Pasztor stated in a jailhouse interview, via webcam, from the Elkhart County Jail that she smothered the children so that they can be safe from danger. “I gave them a choice,” she said, "They could live,
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In Saundra K. Ciccarelli and J. Noland White’s Psychology, the socialculture perspective is defined as, “...abnormal thinking and behavior as a product of shaping within the context of family, the social group to which one belongs, and the culture within.” Pasztor is a strong believer of faith. Having gone to church regularly, Pasztor is familiar with the wrong doings of Christianity such as having sex before marriage. Pasztor was a repeated offender of this: having two children from two different men. Pasztor condemned herself with guilt. The environment of where she lived enlisted her to have a killed or be killed mentality, which, if Amber Pasztor was being truthful in her interview, also resided within her daughter, “My daughter said she world kill herself first before somebody hurts her.” Also taking in account the social aspect of her environment, Pasztor repeatedly said that she wished that she lived up to the social values of life: going to college, getting married, having children, in that respective order. She believes that if she lived her life in society’s standards she wouldn’t have killed her children. While not taking cognitive theory into account, the actions of society and her environment. The main reason why she killed her kids is because she wanted to Pasztor, is done by the influence of “save” them, if you take out her savior ideology, then the reason why she …show more content…
A socialculture perspective is essentially, what I would say is the best reasoning as to why she murdered her kids. Pasztor was a product of Christianity, the environment enlisted her to have a kill or be killed mentally which consequently became a result of her actions. Without a shoulder to lean on, Amber felt attacked, she felt as though something or someone is out for her and her children. Using the cognitive perspective will cancel out the influence of her religion and culture and since there is no preexisting proof that Amber Pasztor had any mental issues, the court will ultimately have to decide if she was competent of her actions or not. To take from this tragic event is to be aware of your family and friends- care for them and give them a shoulder to lay their head on. Mental illness, whether it is PTSD or depression, can happen to you, your mother, your brother—anybody. Although you may not be able to visually see mental illness, it is still

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