Connection And Importance Of Academic Integrity

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Integrity is the magic that let people start to trust from each other and keep making progress till further and further. This magic sometimes is hard to control if you are not aware of it and once you break it, the whole world will be changed differently. I use quotes, MSU policy and my person experiences and perspective to explain the connection and importance of academic integrity.

The quote from the “Brother Karamazov” really inspire me a lot about how lie can affect everything around you. As many lies we actually make up, more pressure can really put on you and your life. Because you are not just hurt yourself, you are also hurt people around you. “Respecting no one, he loves no one, and to amuse and divert himself in the absence of love...”
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The one who did so will be seriously notified and will remain in student record. We can easily see the importance of been honest in MSU and also in the society throughout the policy and regulation in the MSU website. The person who commits academic dishonest actions will not only damage himself/herself, but also damage the whole MSU studying atmosphere. Take an easy example, if someone cheat in the exam, the curve of that certain exam will be affected and it is absolutely not fair for the rest of the exam taker who study incredibly hard. Besides, take myself as an example, I did the assignment with my friends’ “help” without my professor permission, once professor notice there is “an act of academic misconduct, the instructor is responsible for taking appropriate action. Depending on the instructor’s judgment of a specific instance, the instructor may give the student a penalty grade.” We shall always not do something that professors or TA not allowed to do and keep yourself honest and …show more content…
From what we read before VanDemark is found plagiarism, because he violates the basic rule "cite the source and do not mimic the original language". VanDemark does not cite things in his written books properly and it is plagiarism. It is not something that a senior professor should do in Naval Academy. (Brian, 2003) And I totally agree that he deserve this punishment, plagiarism is not a well-known author and professor should be not pay attention on. Everyone should be honest and always not to violate others '

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