College Degree Necessary

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As 2015 is shortly coming to a close we are still experiencing the age old debate of the importance of a higher education, more specifically a college degree. Is a college degree really necessary in our society today? Is a degree worth that much of your time and not the mention the debt that comes along with it?
According to CNN Money, a college degree, despite all the factors involved, is still worth it. Although tuition has been continually rising and wages have been falling those workers without a college degree are losing their jobs or receiving lower wages at a much higher rate than those with a college degree. Studies have shown that workers with a bachelor’s degree earn about one million more dollars over their lifetime than a worker
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The answer is yes, I believe that a college degree is worth it. College is very expensive and it is true that the cost of going to college is steadily increasing. However, what you get back from receiving a degree outweighs the cost. According to Study: College Degree Holds Its Value “the only thing more expensive than going to college is not going to college.” I have not completed my degree, but already in my classes I have received information that I will always be able to carry with me that helps me prosper in today’s society. Being engaged in the classes that you take in college is very important because you really do receive things from them that put you in front of those who are not attending college. The skills you learn while attending college is priceless. The percentage of college graduates who are unemployed dropped to 6.8 while the percentage of those without a degree is 24. This is because our economy has lost several jobs that do not require a degree, and it doesn’t look like those will ever be coming back. Even if you decide pursue a job that is not necessarily what your degree covers, you are still more than likely to be able to find a job in that field unless of course it requires a higher level of education. The point is, what you earn while attending college definitely outweighs the money you spend. It is hard and at times you will second guess the need for all the hard work and the cost, but in the end what you gain will stretch farther than what you

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