What Is The Greatest Thing A Father Can Do For My Daughter Is To Love My Mother

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“The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother”. - Elaine S. Dalton. My father standing a staggering 6’3”, cleaned cut, dirty blond hair, the lightest of blue eyes, all-American, wearing plain jeans and t-shirts, family man, dog lover, and master chef. Many men just like my father do not show his feelings much to other people; however he is a big softy in my eyes. My father has a heart of gold and inspires me to become the great person he is one day.

My father was born on April 24th of 1967 to Larry and Janet Elkins. At the young age of 14 my father’s family was struggling and he had to work until early hours in the morning washing dishes on school nights, even then my father had tried his best to
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He has been to hell and back and still manages to be a good person every day, and that is something that I want; to be able to face my worst day as it is my best and continue to the next. The worst thing a daughter can see is her father crying and the worst thing a father can see is his daughter crying, but crying is something everyone does it helps relieve the built up emotions you have inside, that is something my dad has taught me; that is okay to cry every once and a while.

Funny, outgoing, grill master, football fanatic, great dad, loving friend, caring husband, are just a few ways I can describe my dad, he is a lover not a fighter and always tries to do what is best. The past few months have been pretty hard not having my dad around as often as some people have theirs, the saying “daddy’s little girl” is quite true in my family, my dad is everything to me, he has been there for me when everyone else wasn’t, he has reached rock bottom, but still manages to smile every day, he is truly a great person and sure some people don’t do the right thing but they should always be forgiven because it is not our place to judge other people.

Overall my father is an amazing husband, dad, son, and friend to many people. My life may not be perfect but in my eyes I do have a perfect

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