Argumentative Essay On College Education

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A college education is more important - but more expensive - than ever before. In a society where a higher education is the key to opportunity, it is becoming increasingly important to obtain a college degree in order to live a successful and comfortable life. However, affordable college tuition is not a reality in the United States. The cost of college tuition sometimes prevents otherwise capable students from ever reaching their full potential. Many other graduates will leave college with debt that will prevent them from starting a family, living without government assistance and making investments in a home or car. While some government actions has been taken to make college more affordable, it has not been enough. College is an important …show more content…
Having free college tuition for 4 years would open the doors of opportunity for many bright young people who otherwise would never be able to attend college. In addition to providing free college for 4 years, this plan also helps students or graduates that have loans that are still being paid off, because this act plans to lower their interest rates (“Tuition: A Pricey Issue in the Presidential Election”). Under this plan, interest rates would be almost cut in half - from 4.32% to 2.32% (Sanders). Additionally, a law would be passed that would prevent interest rates from exceeding 8.25% (Sanders). Therefore, this will help former, current and future college students. Sander’s College for All Act also plans to reform work study programs. The Federal Work Study programs allows students to work part-time in order to help offset their tuition costs. A mere $1 billion per year is spent on this program, even though it helps over 700,000 students! Sanders proposes to increase the amount of students helped by this program by expanding the program into colleges that don’t implement it already (Sanders). Sanders especially wants to focus on the work study program at colleges that enroll a high number of low income students. That way, Sanders is reaching the students that need it most. The College for All Act will provide an affordable education for all, allowing students to graduate debt

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