Benefits Of Community College

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A college degree can be very useful considering that a lot of jobs now require a degree of some

sort. College graduates that hold a degree can make up to 30,000 more dollars per year than a

high school graduate holding a diploma. This makes college tempting and makes it seem like it

is necessary. There is a huge financial downside to college, the average person comes out of

college with around 35,000 dollars of debt, which can make people wonder if college is even

worth it. We need to lower public college tuition. Individuals can help gain college credit on their

own and that will alleviate some of the cost bearing debt. What are the ways a person could get

a jump on their education while they lower their own college tuition?
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Even though 100 dollars for an AP test is a lot of

money, you would save over 500 dollars on taking the class when you get to college. However

the following two options are not free; the bridge program and community college, but it will

significantly cut costs!

Community college is such a great option for everyone! It is less than half the cost of a public

university! This can save you thousands of dollars! Every one is required to take certain general

education classes for their degree, why not start by taking these general classes at a local

community college and then transfer into a public university if you need to. Most community

colleges tuition costs about $2,000 while a public university is usually around $7,000. This is a

big difference for not just college students, but for everyone.

Another option that I do not have that much knowledge on is the bridge program. From what I

do know is that it is similar to dual enrollment just much more. You take classes from University

of Maine Orono at the high school taught by our staff. You will only take the classes that are
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While you are in high school, if you are interested in cutting costs, take it upon yourself to

look at the possible options you can take instead of hoping some one will mention it to you.

Before ending this speech, I need to mention that there are some pros and cons to taking

college classes while you 're still in high school. Some of the pros would be you are saving

money, you are getting experience and an idea on what things might be like, and you are

preparing yourself. You might not think there are any cons to doing this, but there is. It includes

having more work on top of all your other school work and any other activities you are a part of

in or outside of school, you will have less time to spend having time to relax, or be with family

and friends, and that you might fail some of your college or high school classes from having

too much stuff to do. There are multiple amazing opportunities for high school students who are

trying to cut costs of the overwhelming college tuition. No matter which one you choose you will

save at least half the cost of the class you would have to take later on. Take the steps you need

to overcome the crushing debt and be proactive in fighting the costs. It is your money, time

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