What Is The Arguments Against The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is by far the most controversial topic in today 's society. However, there are many people whom support the death penalty, yet there are also a great amount of people who believe the death penalty is wrong. The death penalty, or capital punishment, is the punishment of execution that is administered to someone legally who is convicted of a capital crime. Although opponents of the death penalty believe that it is against human rights, I believe that capital punishment is appropriate with support of the fifth amendment, it is morally acceptable, and gives Justice to the victims and their families.
First, the death penalty is morally acceptable. Americans have long supported the death penalty, with majorities saying that they
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The main reason why capital punishment is an acceptable thing is because it makes families feel better knowing that the bad guy will no longer hurt anyone else. Therefore, criminals who commit murderous crimes fell deserve to die and not stay in jail. To support this, Koch mentions in his essay that most of the times the death penalty is more lenient rather than living in prison for many years (Koch 486). When a person takes someone 's life, the my lose their own rights. Yet the death penalty opponents would have supporters feel guilty as citizens when the state puts a killer to death for his crime of crimes (Kenny 27). Do you believe that the killer given life in prison will allow families of the victims feel safe knowing that they 're still alive? In fact, if you were the parent of a six-year-old with a dozen bullet holes in his dead body, would you oppose a sentence of death for the child 's killer (Kenny 29)? Most of the times killers kill for pleasure without caring about how the victims families would feel or what the consequences would be. Therefore, the death penalty is the only essential component of justice for families of the victims. Besides, the state calmly and comply throws the switch or inject the needle as a matter of simple retribution (Kenny 28). Maybe the victim suffered so much, the state is only go ring the killers an easy way out. Hence, the death penalty is an easy way out of murders and will serve justice to the

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