Should The Death Penalty Be Allowed Or Abolished? Essay

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This is a paper is regarding the issues on the death penalty. The decision to implement the death penalty or not to implement the death penalty. Should the death penalty be allowed or abolished? First off though what is the death penalty? Deathy penalty has a couple of names such as captial punishment or execution. However all these terms mean the same which means punishment by death. Death penalty is the punishment of execution, adminitstered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. Crimes that may result in the death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offenses. The sentence that carries out a punishment in this manner is a death sentence (1). Death penalty strikes many people to have heated and highly exessive debates over issues on gender, race, and methods for execution. Top five states that have the highest number of execution rates since 1976 coming in the highest is Texas with a excessive 524, followed by Oklahoma with 112. The next three states are Virginia, Florida, and Missouri. The bottom five states that have the lowest number of execution rates are Oregon with two and then New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Connecticut all have the lowest amount of one (2). There are currently nineteen states that have not put the death penalty in effect. Those nineteen states made the decision to abolish the death penalty(2). In the year 1999 there was ninety-eight executions. The number of executions are at a downfall though. In 2014 there were only…

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