The Importance Of Death Penalty

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Death penalty is actually punishment by death. It is also called execution or capital punishment. Crimes which results in death penalty are referred as capital crimes or capital offences. The word capital comes from a Latin word “Capitalis”. It means ‘Regarding the Head’.
Death penalty has been practiced by many societies in the past for punishing the criminals, and political or religious protestor. Death penalty is accompanied by torture and execution is even done in the public.
36 countries practice death penalty, 103 countries have completely abolished it and 50 countries have not used it for last 10 years. In most countries, death penalty is practiced for murder or treason. In CHINA, human trafficking is punished by capital punishment.
In ancient times, severe punishments included breaking wheel, boiling till death, crushing by elephant, necklacing or blowing by a gun.
Capital punishment is growing in India since 2010 due to growth of corrupt politics and even due to anger over recent brutal cases of rape.
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Murder means killing of an innocent victim whereas death penalty is the killing of neither an ‘innocent’ person nor a ‘victim’. The death penalty also saves large amount of money as the cost of clothing and feeding the criminal for the rest of the life is enormous. Most murderers are young, and keeping them in jail for rest of their life in prison can lead to wastage of hard earned tax rupees. It even sets an example for the people who have a plan of executing a murder in their minds. Everybody is afraid of dying, but when a person knows that he would die for his crimes, it would make him think twice before pressing the trigger. Clearly, it is moral as it is the matter of human rights. Punishment is required for every wrong act, no matter what scale it is

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