What Is Starbucks Competitive Advantage

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Great discussion post this week! You did an amazing job picking two companies, one large and one small, and showing the three competitive advantages each of these companies have. For the large company you have chosen, Protonex Technology Corporation, intellectual properties, information, and innovation are three great competitive advantages. Being able to hold 37 U.S. patents, not including any international patents over the rest of the competition is pretty impressive and sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Having strong relationships within the military and having the ability to gain information on new technologies and requirements before the public not only helps the company improve and get that to their customers, but it allows …show more content…
You have chosen two great companies, one large and one small, to look at this week and see their competitive advantages. I also decided to look at coffee shops, specifically Starbucks this week too! It is so cool to see the comparisons between the two as well. Starbucks is a huge company, they care for their customers, have high quality and a variety of products, and have many accessible locations. All of these factors and advantages is what seperates Starbucks and has made them so successful. They are a tough competitor and have sustainable advantages. When looking at your small company you have chosen for this week’s discussion, Two Friends Café they also have some good competitive advantages. They are focused on the individual needs of their customers and add their own touch to the menu. This is what makes them unique. Although they many not be as big as Starbucks or have as many competitive advantages they certainly have potential to grow and stand out even further. They can evaluate other competitors as well to learns how to improve themselves too and be even more successful .It’s about staying in the game. I agree with you that where a customer goes deos depend on the type of environment and service they want to experience, but if businesses can have competitive advantages to attract those customers to try their products and services that is what it is all about. They used their advantages to be the competition. I do see where you are coming from and I do agree, but I believe that companies can use their competitive advantages to get those customers and attract even more. For your companies I believe that both can sustain their advantages if they keep their customers happy. Both are producing and maintain what they are promising and seem like they will still be able to, even if the competition does increase, but it is up to the companies to keep that success going and improve when needed. I really enjoyed reading your discussion this

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