What Is My Ultimate Divine Purpose For God Essay

1508 Words Jan 3rd, 2016 null Page
What is the meaning of life? What is my ultimate divine purpose for which I have been created? How do I live my destiny for God? I can make a choice between a Christ-centered or self-centered life. I do not want be confused by Godly success and worldly success, because one leads to personal and spiritual fulfillment and the other leads to ultimate frustration and discontentment.

I have been in and out of church my whole life with my parents. As a seventeen-year-old senior in high school, the pastor of the Baptist church we were attending paid us a visit. At the time of the visit, I personally was not under any conviction from the Holy Spirit for salvation. The pastor spoke to us as a family and asked me if I wanted to be saved. As I looked at my mother with her look of concern for my salvation, I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I said, yes. So I prayed the prayer of salvation, stood before the church body the next Sunday and made a profession of public faith. Then the next Sunday I was baptized. No change in my life, I had no desire for the things of God. But, I am saved! Or am I? After all, I prayed a prayer, I made a public profession of faith and was baptized. After approximately sixteen years had passed, I was invited to a revival meeting that I really didn’t necessarily want to attend. That night I came under such conviction, I could barely breathe and trembled all over. I had to go to that alter, but I asked myself, why? You are already saved! So the war in my…

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