What Is My Origin Essay

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My origins are something important in my live since they are what I am; they are my background, my culture and everything. Family value is major to my family. Since I was a little girl, we were always eating in the table. I was always doing activities with my mother and we were always going to church every Saturday and Sunday. Church was really important, especially for my mother. God was the soul of the house. My origins are from Dominican Republic. It is located in the carabids. People always thinks that we are Latino, because we speak Spanish but in reality we are not Latinos we are (antillais).We are a country were we love to eat a lot for example we eat rise almost everyday with meat. This is part of our culture. My parents came from a …show more content…
When I went to the private school, it was really different, and because I came from another background and a less fortunate home than them. The system was completely different. When I went to the private school, I had to recover everything that I miss, because it was really advance in that school. Plus it was a really small school, everyone new each other and the amount of color people could be count in the hands. I was part of one of the color people. In my workplace, I did not have a lot of chance. I use to work at places were the conditions were not that good and some a use to work that had good condition but I never stayed more than a year. I use to work at a restaurant, clothing store and now I am currently working at a center for older people as a receptionist. I consider myself as a person who has a lot of energy but at the time I could be very calm. I am the type of person that when I am in new environment. I close myself and put myself in the corner. But then when I start to get comfortable, I sometimes put myself in the front and start to talk to …show more content…
I am the type of person that like to do sport .My passion has been skating, since I was four years old and after that I was always skating and doing another sport like gymnastic, swimming,taikwando,soccer and cheerleading. But the sport that I loved to most is skating. That is my passion if I stop for a few month Ii have to go back it is like I cannot live without that sport. I have always been in a rink since I was four, it is like my second home. I use to skate almost every day but I had to do a break, because it was too much with school and work. I was trying to manage all those tree thing but it wasn’t that simple. Since I was in a family were was not in a good economic standard I always had scholarship to skate, because it is an expensive sport with the pair of skate to the fancy dress with glitter. This has made me the person that I am today especially with the value that mother teach me. I value what I have now, because I am fortunate to have a house and food at my table and some other people do not have that every day I know what that’s feel it is not an easy thing to leave. You are always stressing to make sure that you at least have the minimum at your

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