What Is Good Education For Young People? Essay

741 Words Apr 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Nowadays, education has become a popular topic in our society; governments are also paying more attention to educational problems for young people. What is good education? Good education not only teaches one the essential working skills, but also prepares people’s mind to make rational, healthy and intelligent decisions in any situation. As a potential result, it may make one a better person in all aspects of one’s life. Governments that provide a good education for youths may help the poor to overcome poverty.
Some populations of the society believe that it is better for youngsters who struggle for poverty to give up their college studies so that they can take up a job and increase the family income. It is acknowledged that they may not have enough money for higher education or a potential to do well at school. However, the current competition among youths to have a well-paid job is intense, especially for those without professional skillsets and work experiences as high school graduates do. Government need to help those lower- income classes to finish their education. Getting a job too early is not a good solution for a better life. Most lower-income people do not have the opportunity to receive higher education or come into contact with specialized trainings due to their financial problem. In addition, during their limited time receiving education, they still have to share the financial burden with their families. Having less time focusing on their learning tasks,…

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