What Is General Manager For Mcdonald 's? Essay

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The retail locations of each McDonald’s resemble a machine by their staff of workers. There is top management involved who run the stores which is called General Manager. GM is in charge of one location and then comes the assistant manager, then the other shift managers, lastly the crew workers. I say this because I used to be a manager for McDonald’s for 3 years, not no more. This organization is very highly specialized in rules and procedures, step by step to get its job done. Once you get hired as an employee, they train you like a machine, one step at a time and all their systems are timed and buttons, the food is not done by us, the machines get the food done and us employees hand it to the paying customers. Authority has to be respected and listened by the regular employees. Furthermore, the McDonalds outlet resembles of a machine is we the staff; we perfected it and try to give excellent customer service so we could have returning customers.
The approach of Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s scientific management on the activities of McDonald’s is all the employees are machines. We the employees know each step to make the food, to make it look like the commercials, which in reality usually doesn’t look like the advertisements. Each machine their at McDonalds is timed and if us the employee follow the right procedures, the food we make comes out perfect. When employees say I made this, No, the machine made it not you, were just machines. Were all trained to be robots for this…

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