What Is Endangered Animals Essay

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The topic over endangered animals have became a major issue in the past several years. Whether or not to try and protect these endangered animals has evolved the U.S. Courts as well as human morality.
Collecting information about the endangered animals can be a tricky subject. The Endangered Species Act states that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service collects data from researchers and scientists and compile the 'endangered ' list. (B) as the list is being updated, the FWS take in different ecological factors concerning each animal. For an example, the Honey Bee is being harmed by the use of chemical fertilizers as well as the loss of wildflower habitat with is being converted to urban communities. This loss of habitat and fertilizer use has
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This Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness is given to all individuals. These individuals surely use their God given right to live their lives without any other care in the world. But when it comes to a point where the individual 's rights are being endangered, they will stop at nothing in order to preserve their rights. Yet, as those same individuals start to take advantage of animals, a paradox begins to form. Animals may not have any stated rights, but it is common knowledge to treat onto others the way you want to be treated. As people take over rural environments to suburbanize and extend their growth, the people strip away the animals ' environment, which in turn, the animal 's rights. Because animals do not have any standing rights under the federal law, they are considered as property (d). However, the animals do have unstated rights that are certainly being denied with the building on their habitats. Cutting into forest and wetlands have taken quite a number of animal species to the brink of extinction. Animals ' right to live should be able to stop the development into these important areas, considering that we are dependent on …show more content…
The question has became quite a topic in the society. Laws and restrictions have been put into place by Congress concerning the issue of endangered animal protections. While these laws, such as the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act, are major stepping stones in animal preservation, being up much debate, and controversy. Several court cases have been fought over the protection laws of the endangered animals. While it is understandable to protect our rights, taking advantage of the ecosystem and stripping away the rights of animals is just? Promoting the rights of animals to a point where it comes at common knowledge to every individual is how the real protection of endangered animals begins. Not only will promoting animals ' rights will save the ecosystem and our food supply, it will also rise human morality. Instead of killing animals by senseless acts done by human greed, promoting animals right to live will allow the human population to feel good about themselves considering that it was their acts that put the animals on the endangered

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