What Is Difference Between Sacrificing And Compromising For The Sake Of The Friendship?

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Ben-Zeév, Aaron. "Does Love Involve Sacrifice or Compromise?" Psychology Today.
Psychologytoday, 24 Sept. 2010. Web. 23 Mar. 2016 Psychology today explains the difference between sacrificing and compromising for the sake of the relationship. It talks about the many physiological reasons we make sacrifices in a relationship and makes us think about if these sacrifices are health for our sanity. Furthermore, you decision to sacrifice should never be made during emotional turmoil for that would later lead to regret. I discovered this simple yet informative source with a yahoo search. The information provided seem to be authentic since its support by a very reliable website with an author who has a Phd level degree. The author seems unbiased since the research was written professionally with no grammatical errors. Overall, I intend to connect idea of this piece with Tris from Allegiant; she made the rash decision to go on a suicidal mission in guilty because she didn’t want her brother to sacrifice his life.

"Brain Scans Reveal Why Love Makes Us Stupid." Science Tech. Medical Daily, 12 Nov. 2012.
Web. 23 Mar. 2016.
Medical Daily takes a biological stance on the issue of love. It uses factual science of the brain to elaborate why love can make us do rash things, and relates it to sex. An example would be how they state that the brain’s frontal cortex shuts down when people are falling in love which hinders the ability to make rational decisions. Another example the article…

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