Essay on What Is Cage Free?

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Influenced by GMO discussion in the STEP class, I started to read the labels of the products when I shop in the grocery store. Two weeks ago, when I was shopping with my roommate, a dozen of eggs labelled “cage-free” caught my attention. A question popped to my mind, “what is cage-free?” USDA defines “cage-free” as “the flock was able to freely roam a building, room, or enclosed area with unlimited access to food and fresh water during their production cycle.”1 It seems that people may have different views on cage-free eggs. In this paper, I will discuss free-cage eggs in two aspects. In terms of animal welfare, the free-cage system treats hens in a more humane manner and ensures them a life with more freedom. In the United States, an overwhelming majority of hens is limited in the conventional cages, where they each can share only 67 square inches of the cage space.2 67 square inches cannot even compare with a piece of letter-size paper which takes up about 93.5 square inches. Such tiny space is not enough for the hens to spread their wings, let alone make nests or perch. Unlike the conventional battery cage system, the cage-free system provides more space for hens, where they are able to walk around within a certain range, to spread their wings, to nest and perch. Freedom of such activities improves the mood and health of hens, and thus increases their quality of life. In addition to animal welfare, what also matters is the nutrition level…

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