Academic Success Reflection

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To me, academic success means getting good grades (A’s and B’s) in my all coursework and maintaining my overall GPA high and then finding a good job. Being a full time student, having a job, and having a personal life, things might not happen as planned. In order to gain academic success as well as have my life balanced, utilizing time very wisely is very important for me.

My week went well and most of the things happened according to the schedule so far. I had to make a few adjustments comparing to my ideal schedule. My activities were mostly based on studying like reading the text-books, doing assignments, quizzes, attending classes, commuting to work and school and beside that I spent time on eating, cooking, getting a good sleep, daily
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In order to make my week go well, make time for my studies, and complete my weekly coursework, the first thing that I did was I made a goal that I would follow and stick to my study plan so that I would not waste my time and utilize it wisely. Also I made sure that I would take out time for my studies. So, I set the time for my study. During my study time, I tried not to procrastinate by staying focused on that specific reading and homework that I had planned for. Many people might find it hard to stick with the activity they are doing and they just procrastinate and divert their mind to another thing but I tried not to do it and just concentrated my mind on reading and doing …show more content…
Although I have a habit of checking my Facebook and instagram frequently, this week I tried keeping this minimum and prioritized my study first. I avoided playing games on my cell phone. Also I cut off time from my activities like watching movies, several TV series, going for a shopping etc. instead I utilized them on doing my assignments. Overall, I prioritized on doing my assignments and studies rather than other activities and this utilized my free time.

Although this week went well, there can be some barriers in the future that can make me unable to maintain my regular schedule. So, in order to make it smooth, it will also include setting a goal because it will help me stay focused. Since reading and writing are the most to gain academic success, my goal will be studying and giving priority to my all coursework like of this week. I will prioritize on reading and taking good notes in every class first in order to achieve this goal. I will encourage myself and devote my time to accomplish

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