Personal Narrative: My First Trip To Colorado Springs

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In the summer of 2015 my family and I finally went on our first vacation in years. My mother and sister wanted to go to the ocean, and see the beaches, while my father and I wanted to go someplace completely different from Kansas, somewhere that wasn’t flat, dull, and filled with farm fields and plains, but somewhere exiting and new that isn’t anything like the place where spent our entire lives. We wanted to go to Colorado Springs, and so we did. When we arrived at our destination, it made the long drive worth it. Just by looking outside made me feel like I was encased in a giant bowl as there were enormous mountains surrounding me. I could look at the mountains all day. I felt like I was out of place and I didn’t belong. I have always lived in the flat terrain of Kansas. The time had come that we were going to the cave of the winds. I have been wanting to go to the attraction since we decided we were going to Colorado. The cave of the winds is a giant cave that was found in the mountains by pioneers back in the 1800’s. Its always been a major attraction in Colorado Springs and is totally worth seeing. When we got there, I did not expect the entrance on the top of a mountain, let alone there be other attractions. The …show more content…
It was cold and windy too, also the ground was a hundred of feet underneath me. I knew I had to do something, and I wasn’t about to make someone come up and get me. I closed my eyes and just started to walk forward. Step after step I thought to myself “what did I get myself into”. Finally, I was at the end of the rope. “Beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the horror of the shade, and yet the menace of the years finds and shall find me unafraid”- Invictus like in the poem Invictus, I was no longer afraid. I overcame my new found fear of heights and easily walked back on the same tightrope and back to the earth. That was enough excitement for me in one

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