What Is A Goal? Essay

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I. What is a goal?
People can more or less define a goal, without even thinking too hard, because the word “goal” is in their mouth, most of the time. What we mean by that is that when it comes to jobs, most people have goals; when it comes to relationships most people have goals; overall, every aspect of our lives revolve around personal goals. But what is a goal objectively? In most dictionaries, it is defined as the object of a person 's ambition or effort; in other words, an aim or a desired result. Anyone can identify with this definition (meaning that their definition of a goal might be very close to that). A goal can also be assimilated to an objective or a project that is more or less important to somebody.
There are three sets of goals: Short term goals (ranging from a few days to a few months), medium term goals (ranging from six months to a year) and finally long term goals (that start from a year and more). Most people are familiar with the whole concept. The main question that comes to mind though, would be: If people are able to define what a goal is, then, why is it that so many of us never achieve their objectives? The answer to this question, is that although it is easy to grasp a goal as a concept, making it a palpable realization (whether personal or in group), is normally much more difficult than that. Not only does it demand determination, but you will also have to use your brain. By that…

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