What Information Does The Report Card Provide? Essay

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1. I have chosen Abita Springs Elementary School in St. Tammany Parish.
2. A) What information does the Report Card provide? The report card provides information about the school’s population, students who come from low income families, special education, and performance of students. The progress of students was not available.
B) What does the information in the report card tell you about the school? The report card tells me that the school is doing a good job of keeping students on track. An astonishing 87 percent of the students are on or above the grade level they’re supposed to be at.
C) How can a parent use the information provided? A parent can use this information to determine if the school is suitable for their child or not. A student placed in a school with higher overall scores as opposed to lower scores will likely receive a better education.
D) How can a person studying to become a teacher use the information provided? They can use this information to gain a better understanding of expectations and how a school is graded based on test scores.
3. A) What is the PRAXIS? PRAXIS consists of three exams that students pass are required to pass before they can enter the teacher education program. Your basic knowledge in mathematics, reading, and writing is tested.
B) What’s the difference between Praxis I and Praxis II? Praxis I tests basic knowledge of reading, writing, and mathematics. Praxis II tests you on specific subjects or the grade levels in which you…

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