The Importance Of Reporting Student Achievement

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Reporting student achievement is a current hotbed of controversy in education. From how to report it, when, how often, who to report it to, and the negative and positive aspects of reporting it. It is safe to say that proponents of both sides feel strong about their opinion.
Lefkowits and Miller (2005) contend that “current forms of accountability that focuses on reporting test scores on individual content areas for groups of students at particular grade levels does not appear to have the same meaning and value for the public as they do for policymakers” (p.4). Furthermore, based on their research they concluded that although measuring and reporting student progress was important parents viewed it as only a starting point as to how well a school was meeting its objectives. Parents participating in their National Dialogue project stated assessment reporting fell far below other concerns they prioritized such as lack of funding, discipline, drug use, and overcrowding. The focus on assessment reporting was neglecting other things they felt should be
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Reporting student assessment is essential in communicating to parents and students on the progress of said student. The goal of reporting of student assessment, however, should be only for the improvement of the student’s education. In today’s atmosphere teachers,/caregivers need to understand the importance of early intervention and assessing each child, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the best care and learning opportunity for said child. The reporting of student assessment as the sole criteria for teacher retention has received such negative and agenda-driven press that the actual goal of reporting student assessments and progress is being overshadowed. To simplify, the education and wellbeing of all children must be at the forefront of our schools, centers, and home-base programs. The child comes first everything else is

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