What Ideas Do You Have For This Position And How You Think They Will Enhance Our Chapter?

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What ideas do you have for this position and how do you think they will enhance our chapter?
As chapter secretary my main objective would be to create great communication. Whether it be within council, council to the chapter, or chapter member to chapter member, it’s vital that communication is 100% at all times. With the role as secretary you’re in charge of getting the word out and in an organized and professional manner.
I would facilitate my goals by having a weekly bulletin sent out during the week (much like we previously had). I would also make an open door policy. By making myself open for people to visit with, text, and email, it would help chapter members feel welcome to ask questions and discuss concerns they have.

Council members are held to a higher standard. If you were to assume a Council position, how would you hold yourself to that higher standard throughout your entire term?
By showing my team that I, myself, can be held to standards is extremely important because it’s demonstrating and inspiring women to have similar high standards. Taking the high road in tough situations would be a top priority, in any situations. There will be disagreements but it’s really about how you handle the issue. As a council member I know I would abide by not only national and chapter standards, but also by my high moral standards I have been raised with.
Describe a time when you were working in a team setting and your team was faced with conflict and challenges. What did…

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