What I 'm Happy At 2016 ! Essay

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Good Morning,
I’m LOVING the start of 2016! We’ve already seen more activity this January than any years since opening our doors and its due to trust and quality marketing. Throughout 2015 we began relationships with around 100 agents nationwide via our Social Security 567 program. These relationships were built on the trust that we as an NMO were willing to take the financial risk with a seminar as long as our agent partners were willing to push forward with one event a month.
The amount of activity agents have seen from these seminars is unbelievable! Top agents are setting up 50%+ of the attendees on appointments, running 2-3 appointments DAILY month in and month out. Does that type of activity sound like what you want?
While I’d obviously like to offer this to every advisor we talk with, unfortunately it’s just not possible. With Alternative Brokerage footing the bill on the front side, we have to know that the agent can take care of business on the backside. What I mean by that is we’re looking for agents with a proven track record in the annuity and seminar arena. If you’re currently running paid social security seminars or are doing over $1M in annuity business we want to talk with you!
So, what about you…the agent who isn’t quite at $1M in production? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Ask us about our bi-monthly direct mail program designed to get you to $1M plus and launch you into the big leagues.
Learn about both programs by simply reaching out to the…

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