What I Would It Feel, When Moving From One Country Essay

820 Words Jun 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Zahraa Issa How would it feel, when moving from one country to another? Imagine a person moving from one side of the world to another. I am originally from Bagdad, Iraq. I left Iraq in 2006 when all of the corruption began, the killing was random. The scenes that I witnessed were heartbreaking. In 2006, I moved to Egypt where I was exposed to new life, new culture, and new delict to learn. In Egypt if an engineer is homeless it is not a surprise; the degree in Egypt has no value. My uncle had an engineering degree, yet he was unemployed. At that time, I was in middle school and I realized that Egypt is not the place that I want to be in because, I did not have a future there. My grandfather always use to say that I should work hard now, and put my best effort, so I could have a career and rest for the rest of my life. However in Egypt having a degree or not it would not matter at all and my goal in life is to learn, and keep learning new things to satisfy my ambition. My dreams and goals would have been ruined if I stayed there. My high ambition would have been a waste; I wanted opportunities to show myself to the world. Staying in Egypt would not have done me any good, other than wasting time. Since I was young, I have had that motivation to be the best, and I love competing to reach that feeling of success. When I went to Egypt, I had to start all over in my new school to meet the requirement to be the top ten percent. I also had to make new friends to learn more about…

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