What I Thought It Should Look Like And Then Jump Into Writing The Paper

707 Words Dec 15th, 2016 3 Pages
This has been an interesting semester of ups and downs. I started out pretty confident in my writing though very nervous about sharing it. I never realized how much work a quality research paper is. I have not had to write an essay for anything in over fifteen years. Every assignment was like new missions of relearning what I was once taught and adding what I just learning. Although it wasn 't easy I believe that I wrote some quality papers and was a pretty good student. I believe that research was my biggest struggle this semester. I didn 't really understand the process, or know how to gain a true understanding of the topic I was writing about. Previously I would decide on a topic, write an outline of what I thought it should look like and then jump into writing the paper. When I needed a fact to prove my point I would try to find research that met my needs. I usually ended up feeling frustrated with the process of searching and settling for information that didn 't really fulfill my point. I have now realized that if I choose a topic I 'm interested in and then do the research, by the time I 've learned all I need to know to understand my topic the essay pretty much writes itself. If a research paper is done in this order it becomes a great paper with true incite instead of a paper filled with words that mean nothing. Its a struggle to write a 5-6 page essay when your are B.S.ing your way through it. The process of research is very hard and time consuming because its…

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