Essay on What I Shouldn 't Have Me As An Enthusiast

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I was always specific to certain genres and theme of reading and writing, which is what I think I shouldn 't have done. To me, content of any writing mattered the most, due to which, I never got my hands on writings that didn 't have the subject that intrigued me as a reader. Well, starting from the young age, I was always fascinated by science and fiction. On top of that, I have always been an automotive enthusiast so I used to spend the most part of my time reading or watching the reviews of Ducatis and Lamborghinis. This meant that I only got familiarized to easy, non-critical forms of reading. Talking about writings, I always wanted to have a little piece of information pertaining to the review of the vehicle I loved. This is why, I used to write the review of those automobiles which won me as an enthusiast.
I never viewed literacy the way I have started analyzing it in the past few days. For me, it meant nothing more than just an ability of an individual to read and write. Inevitably, I never realized that he/she has to express himself in order to stand up against the odds. This is when I got a chance to read the three articles related literacy and now I have started seeing a change in me in terms the way I critically analyze literacy. Now, what I feel is that the power of expression for self-defense is as strong as if not stronger than the physical power of an individual.
Having said that, I still think that mastery of self expression relates to the nature of an…

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