What I Learned At This Semester Essay

1060 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
When looking back at this whole semester, I would say that there were a few things that I did learn. Some subjects from the book definitely stood out more than others. A few key things that I can take with myself and be easily remembered. I believe that I have learned quite a few things about myself but more on the subject itself and how to handle certain situations. Taking this class I feel helped me to get a better look on how to deal with other people, learning to react to certain situations, and not everything is in your control. I enjoyed the first couple of chapters more in Essential Elements for Effectiveness. Those chapters stood out more to me than some of the later chapters. The activities in the class, like the group project helped everyone to get to know one another. Since the project was fairly early on in the semester, we got a chance to interact with people whom we probably would have never talked to. It was nice to get a chance to speak amongst everyone and learn more about them. When groups started to present we got to see different skills, seeing different things from everyone in the class was impressive and how they interpreted it. In class discussions, everyone spoke their point of views and what they thought on the subject. I learned that not everyone will think like you, you shouldn’t be quick to judge because everyone has different experiences and how they take things in. Each person in the class is entitled to their own opinion. I’ve seen that you…

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