Essay on What I Learned About The World

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This place, where I grew up, learned about the world, experienced my first feelings and where I gained the experiences that will be beneficial for the rest of my life. This place is a small town in my home country in Serbia; it’s called Cuprija. It is a place where I lived the first sixteen years of my life; went to kindergarten, middle school and the first year of high school. Cuprija can be beautiful in some ways, but it is mostly perceived as a ‘negative’ and a ‘bad’ town because of all the crimes that happened in it and because of the local corruption. It is a town that has been through some very rough times; especially during the nineties, many companies and local businesses are shutting down, people are leaving the town and population is getting reduced year by year. There is not much you can see in this small town, only the history that it carries. The spirit of this small city is slowly fading away. Putting the bad stuff aside, there are many ways in which this little town can be beautiful.
During the winter, the snow can be sky high; its layer makes the town invisible, it looks like a blank sheet of paper. The kids run outside for the joy of playing in the snow. I was one of those kids, the most memorable was the excitement when me and my friends went to the overpass on the highways so we could do some sledding from the steepness between the highway and the top part of overpass. The cars and the trucks always that passed by always honked at us. Sometimes when we…

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