Essay on What I Learned About The Contract

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During lunch, I spoke with the project manager, and asked to read the contract. I also sent my supervisor an email, reminding him to order welding wire. Later, I used email to send the project engineer a bolt schedule.

I accessed the Productivity Log, and reviewed the productivity of welders. I also used Play to document the number of hours the foreman worked. At the beginning of my shift, I accessed a drawing program, and located a beam.

I calculated the amount of welding required to meet the schedule. I also used my understanding of productivity factors, and calculated the daily productivity of workers. I learned these skills in Scheduling I. Before leaving, I estimated the amount of grating left to install on a truss. I learned this skill in Estimating I.

I used a torque wrench to verify the torque on a bolt. I learned that fall protection is required when climbing scaffolding. At the end of my shift, I learned how to tie a guide line onto a beam. I also learned that using chain to hoist materials is unsafe.

At the end of my shift, I emailed the superintendent, and told him where to submit his daily report. I also spoke with the safety officer, and asked about confined space procedures. During my shift, I printed a new welding log. Later, I used Operations Management to create a material requisition.

I used my understanding of scheduling, and updated the weekly schedule. I learned this skill in Scheduling I. During my shift, I estimated the amount of…

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