What I Learned About Someone 's Personality And Show How They Work

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Myers-Briggs types are a great way to learn about someone’s personality and show how they work but personally I don’t believe they are always correct. I’ve done Myers-Briggs testing around five different times and majority of my results “ISTJ” but I think the result can be changed by multiple different factors such as mood and environment you’ve been surrounded to during the time period. For this paper I will compare the “ISTJ” type and relate it to myself and why I think I am that letter in each section or not. First we will begin with where I focus my attention.
For this section I got type “I” which stands for introversion. According to MBTI, introversion is: “focusing attention on the inner world of ideas and impressions.” For the most part when I think of introversion I think of it as being quiet, to yourself, and being able to live happily without any interaction of others. For the most part I agree with this because I like to work by myself and I can keep myself occupied when others are not around. Although I do agree with this I do believe that I’m an extrovert as well. Team Technology describes extroversion as: “interacting with people.” This is the part of extroversion I see myself agreeing with as I like to be around friends and family. With that being said I find situations where I would rather be home alone then going out on a weekend night with my friends. Next we will look at the way I take information.
This section is put into the “S” and “N” types. “S” type…

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